Gallery - pictures by Richard Lewington

Action Alison Gardner Basienka Blake and Alison Gardner Basienka and cast Janis and Wilson Sharp
Janis checks shot in HDCAM Janis directs Ricky Helen Mutch rehearses her dance Jenny Hammond - Make-up artist Jenny makes up Charli Wilson
cast members waiting for the shoot helen Mutch rehearsing Biba and Jaffa (Egyptian Pharaoh Hounds) two of LunarGirl's mysterious friends. steadycam shot Stuart Muir being made up
  Janis and Stuart going over script Ben Spence Steadycam Operator Helen Louise Mutch Ricky in position cast and crew at Hoxton Square

Chloe (budgie star of lunargirl) sadly now gone to budgie heaven.

Jay who gave charli the giggles in Lunar Girl . dillon, sings like Bob... as heard (too much) in Lunargirl. Cha-cha (stunt budgie) BACK

information gary McKinnon sound and vision cast crew director issues guestbook


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